The Caper Club
You're a woman who wants it all - good work, good friends, the good life. You still have zest and verve, but you don't want to give it all away to work because, well, the return is shall we say "unreliable." 

You want to "go somewhere" where you remember that part of you that feels free, unpredictable, open to what may come. But where is that place? And who has time to find it?

Welcome to Sydney's new secret society for society types...
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Thanks for taking the time to fill in this application. I want to make sure the ladybros I pull together are all as radical as you are, and it's completely obligation-free. See you on the flip side!

Yay! Thanks for your interest. What is your name? *

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Tell me a bit about what you do for work. *

And tell me a bit about what you like do for fun. *

What is the number one thing missing from your life right now? *

Are you ready for a legendary ladybro posse to spend lunchtimes with? *

Can you get out of the office once a month for a bit over an hour? *

We'll be meeting on the second Thursday of every month, starting 11th Feb, in the Sydney CBD.
Where is your office located?

I need to make sure we're all close enough to get to each other!
How did you find out about the Caper Club? *

If someone referred you, please tell me their name!
Would you like to be added to the Everyday Adventure mailing list to find out about upcomign events?

Are you interested in annual membership, for discounts, guaranteed attendence and special surprises? *

Ok friend, you're done! Remember it's all obligation free, just a chance for me to find out about you so the Club is full of awesome people. Hit submit and I'll chat with you soon!

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